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Be You CBD

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Our Mission & Purpose

Be You CBD was founded on August 8, 2018 to leverage the power of the hemp plant and what it can do for everyday wellness. Our products contain top-quality Full Spectrum CBD with more than 30 powerful terpenes + botanically-derived essential oils. 

Yes, we have a sense of humor, but we’re serious about the ingredients in our bottles & jars. Each product was created with a purpose.

Our CBD is grown and extracted via cold press on a boutique farm in Central Oregon. We’ve partnered with this particular farm because of their commitment to growing and extracting oils that are nutrient-rich and use the full plant. 

Be You CBD is all about formulas that are raw, real, and never mass-produced. We’re also earth conscious, so we’ve gone to great lengths to make sure our packing and shipping materials are sustainable. 

We’re a brand you can trust, both from a quality perspective and in our intentions. Our commitment is to our customers first and foremost. There’s nothing that fuels us more than knowing you can truly benefit from the products we offer. 

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Created for PMS
discomfort & period cramps.

A penetrating muscle
rub that gets under your skin
and helps you relax.

A nutrient-rich face serum for healthy skin.

The perfect tincture for everyday wellness.

About 2

Whether you struggle with PMS and period cramps

Need a penetrating muscle rub that gets under your skin and helps you relax

Want to ease anxiety, inflammation & aid immunity

Or reduce wrinkles and feed your skin

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Our Mission & Purpose

Meet Our Founder

Heidi Millar

Be You CBD was founded by Heidi Millar, a former healthcare professional and active cannabis advocate. Her passion for CBD began after she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and a rare genetic disorder that causes numerous health concerns.

After being introduced to CBD for healing and directly experiencing its positive effects, Millar committed her career and life to making sure others can benefit from its power. 

In 2018, Millar partnered with Jen Engevik, also a cannabis advocate and marketer who was introduced to CBD when her mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. 

The duo created a strategic partnership with a boutique farm in Central Oregon. They are all working together, with the help of a leading CBD product formulator, to create products that help alleviate discomfort from head to toe.

Millar’s mission is to inspire men and women to be authentically themselves. For it is when we are real and raw with ourselves that healing can truly begin.

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