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Kelly J.
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This makes such a difference in my life. It's so calming. I'm finally getting the sleep I have needed for years.
Sarah H.
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Amazing for my nerves. I've been using for six months now and it's awesome.
Robert G.
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Holy Grail has helped me so much with back pain. I used to play basketball and my back is pretty messed up. A friend of mine told me about Be You and I've been impressed. It's good stuff.
Jill M.
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I've tried a handful of CBD tinctures and this is by far my favorite. It works wonders for my stress levels. Makes a quick difference for me.
Beth V.
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I'm pretty new to CBD and am amazed at how Holy Grail is helping me... on so many levels. A few drops make a huge difference for me my nerves. When on my period it's amazing - helps me with cramps. Can't believe how powerful it is.

Holy Grail Is Much More Than Just CBD


Holy Grail contains more than 30 terpenes, organic compounds that naturally occur in the hemp plant that offer tangible health benefits. Our terpenes include:

  • Bisabolol is also found in the chamomile plant and is commonly used for pain.
  • Cedrol also naturally occurs in cedarwood and in key studies has been proven to help reduce discomfort and calm the mind/body.
  • Caryophyllene does wonders for the digestive tract, pain relief, and has antibacterial properties.
  • Guaiol is commonly found in the cypress pine and has been used for centuries for pain and to boost the immune system.

Enjoy a greater sense of calm + focus.

Find bodily ease when experience inflammation and other painful conditions.

Establish a healthier sleeping cycle, while boosting your endocannabinoid system.