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Why Is Full-Spectrum CBD More Powerful Than Other Forms?

If you’ve been shopping around for CBD, you probably are fully aware there’s a big discussion going on about its various forms.

Full-spectrum… broad-spectrum… CBD isolate…?

Which one works best?

Before we provide our answer as to what we think is best, let’s dive into what they actually are.

Let’s begin with CBD isolate. It’s a crystalline solid or powder that contains 99% pure CBD that’s a result of an extraction process that removes all other active compounds from the cannabis plant. In this process, all phytocannabinoids, including THC and terpenes, are stripped away.

CBD isolate is available through capsules, edibles, and topicals like lotions, face masks, eye masks, and other water-based products. These products can be helpful and healing, but according to recent studies, the effects aren’t as marked as products containing the “whole plant.”

Broad-Spectrum CBD, on the other hand, keeps a lot of the phytonutrients and terpenes intact but doesn’t contain any THC at all. Because there is no THC, it shouldn’t show up on a drug test. Also, there are no known psychoactive effects related to consuming broad-spectrum CBD.

You can find broad-spectrum CBD in tinctures, bath bombs, topicals, edibles, and more. These products can also be quite effective but still aren’t as effective as those containing full-spectrum CBD.

Full-Spectrum CBD offers the full enchilada. The extraction process assures that all cannabinoids (including trace amounts of THC) and terpenes found within the plant are kept intact.

Products made with full-spectrum CBD are associated with the full-blown “entourage effect” in which all cannabinoids work synergistically together. This increases its overall effectiveness.

While full-spectrum CBD is non-psychoactive, the trace amounts of THC may lead to a positive test. Those who have to be tested for work may want to opt for isolate or broad-spectrum when consuming a tincture. The likelihood of testing positive while using full-spectrum topicals is quite low, but if you have any worries, consider sticking with broad-spectrum or isolate.

Why We’re All About Full Spectrum CBD

At Be You CBD, we have made a commitment to developing full-spectrum products. We do this because we believe in the power of the “whole-plant” and what the sum of its part can do for the mind and body.

Our extraction process never pushes temperatures above 95 degrees. By using the “cold press” method, we’re able to keep our oils raw and nutrient-rich.

As a result, our tinctures, balms, and rubs have been known to make a huge difference quickly. Whether you’re ingesting our tinctures or applying topicals to your skin for various issues (like pain, skin irritations, cramps, etc.), results are usually quite noticeable.

In short, we believe there’s a reason the cannabis plant and every other plant on the planet naturally contain a precise mix of nutrients. Our mission is to keep all nutrients intact so humanity can benefit from them all.

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